Counselling, Psychotherapy, Weight Loss Coaching. Available Online or in Person

The Health Space is a caring, friendly and relaxing environment where you can use Counseling Psychotherapy, Wellbeing Counselling and Weight loss Coaching to support your needs and gain insights and clarity about whatever topics and needs you bring to the table. Together we can pave a path forward to a healthier more fulfilling and rewarding Life.

Our area of expertise .

Our highly trained and experienced team of Counselling Staff will work on a one to one basis using up to date techniques to bring an integrative approach to the clients needs.

Have trouble making decisions or stopping unwanted behaviors or habits and don’t know why? Are you stressed, suffering from anxiety, or just need to make some meaning of something that is troubling you?

We provide an affordable and confidential counselling service for Adults and Adolescents, offering an Integrative approach using an array of different therapeutic models

We offer an evidenced based therapeutic approach to Weight Loss using the latest neuroscience approaches which will give lasting results

About Us .

At The Health Space is a caring, friendly and relaxing environment where you can use Counseling  Psychotherapy and Wellbeing Counseling to support your needs. Our highly trained and experienced  Staff will work on a one to one basis using up to date techniques to bring an integrative approach to the clients needs. See Lisa’s and Kevin’s Bio Below.


Kevin Clohessy .

Kevin Clohessy HDip, LBCAI, Graduated from IICP Counselling College Dublin having also studied at ICHAS College Limerick. He is trained as a Wellbeing coach using the Co-active method together with other integrated theory. Trained as a weight loss coach and is currently adding to his Therapist skills studying Polyvagal Theory. He has over 8 years training and continued professional development experience in his chosen field and continues to upgrade his skills. Please see Kevin's pages for more information on the therapy's on offer

Lisa Crowe .

Lisa Crowe is qualified Counsellor / Psychotherapist and an Accredited member of IACP (Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy). Lisa works with both adults and adolescents (12 - 24 years) and has worked directly with children and adolescents for over 15 years and has recently completed her Dip in Adolescent counselling specializing in Sand tray and play therapy. Lisa also works and supports Adult clients with Depression, Women’s issues, Relationship issues, Anxiety, School related issues, Self Harm, depression. Please see Lisa's page for more details.

What our Clients Say .

Client Photo
Steve County Cavan

The time and coaching Kevin has provided has already made a difference in my day to day life, be it in work or with family!. I have learned some very interesting techniques and these have been very helpful to me. The material that Kevin talks about is very interesting too. Thanks again Kevin, will talk to you soon.

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Sharon County Clare

Having thought about getting counselling for some time for help with problems I was having in my life I completed a number of sessions with Lisa. Lisa was very kind and she helped me to gain insights into what I was going through and how I felt. She is such a lovely person and so easy to talk to yet she challenged me to find ways of coming to terms with what I was feeling and finding ways to work through these feelings.

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Orla County Limerick

I saw Kevin for Life Coaching and he worked with me on a number of what he called blocks in my life. I had never heard of mBIT before but now making decisions is a lot clearer for me and I don’t try and talk myself out of everything that I want to do. Thanks for giving me the confidence to live my life and deal in a positive way with life’s ups and downs. I love the private location and the service I got and have no problem in recommending the health space, it’s a breath of fresh to be honest.

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If you are a young person, unemployed or have limited means then feel free to call and discuss low cost offers.