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Steve County Cavan

The time and coaching Kevin has provided has already made a difference in my day to day life, be it in work or with family!. I have learned some very interesting techniques and these have been very helpful to me. The material that Kevin talks about is very interesting too. Thanks again Kevin, will talk to you soon.

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Liz Limerick

Having seen a link for The Health Space on Facebook I took a chance and called them. I got speaking to Kevin and immediately felt he knew what he was talking about and had a very different way of looking and weight issues as he puts it ‘not weight loss as there is no loss’ only freedom to choose and live life. The amount of un-conscious eating I was doing while living my fast passed life was piling on the weight. The tools Kevin gave me to to manage and shift into a completely different way at looking at how I nourish my body has changed everything for me. Thank you so much for helping me get back my confidence and life.

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Sharon County Clare

Having thought about getting counselling for some time for help with problems I was having in my life I completed a number of sessions with Lisa. Lisa was very kind and she helped me to gain insights into what I was going through and how I felt. She is such a lovely person and so easy to talk to yet she challenged me to find ways of coming to terms with what I was feeling and finding ways to work through these feelings.

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Karen County Galway

Your always saying I’m going to do it, every New-year the programs start on the TV and your buzzing to join in every week and see if you can make a change and for a while you do, you get caught up in the ‘how many pounds have you lost this week and the weighing scales’ then after a while when the programmes and the hype are gone the weight comes back. What a pleasant surprise to be told to recycle the weighing scales were taking a different approach, and boy was it different! It was a deep learning about food and about myself. Kevin’s training and counselling was amazing for me anyway and his approach was so enlightened that by the time I was well into the program I had found out so much about myself and how I was in the world. I’m so glad I put in the work to make real change.

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Orla County Limerick

I saw Kevin for Life Coaching and he worked with me on a number of what he called blocks in my life. I had never heard of mBIT before but now making decisions is a lot clearer for me and I don’t try and talk myself out of everything that I want to do. Thanks for giving me the confidence to live my life and deal in a positive way with life’s ups and downs. I love the private location and the service I got and have no problem in recommending the health space, it’s a breath of fresh to be honest.

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Mary County Clare

Having tried every kind of diet under the sun I had given up hope of ever getting my weight under control. Then I found The Health Space and Kevin and my live has changed so much. I have got my confidence back, I have energy, I have my life back and most importantly I am no longer a slave to diets. My relationship with food is one of nourishment over quantity and love and respect for myself. This was a difficult journey for me, I had to face a lot of obstacles which I had put in place to keep giving myself an excuse to over eat, this was an eye opener for me. I have to say Kevin handled everything that came up for me with professionalism and compassion. I can honestly say I have never been more able to handle life and live life to the fullest.

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Gregg Co Galway

I was in real trouble in my personal life, in my relationship at home and this in turn affected my work life also. As a man I was reluctant to deal with any of this but often thought about talking to someone having heard the ads on the radio everyday saying how it helps to talk. It must be a man thing or maybe an Irish thing to feel something is wrong with you if you talk to someone about stuff. I needn’t have worried and in some ways felt upset for a while that I didn’t take the step sooner. After only six Life coaching sessions with Kevin I already knew that what I was going through was common and there was nothing abnormal about me. I will take time to digest what I’ve learned and will be back to see Kevin again in the future. Thanks for your help man.

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Mairead County Meath

Last May I found myself in a job where the boss had no appreciation for me. One morning he kept shouting at me, I found I was not able to stand up for myself. That afternoon when I arrived home I was so upset ,I decided I had to find a way to believe in myself more. I had been given the number for the health space from a friend a few months back. I rang and got Kevin who was very helpful, he listen to my story and suggested I need come in to see him for some life coaching . The following day I went to Kevin and within a couple of weeks I became more confident and was able to speak up and think more about myself. After going to Kevin for a couple of weeks I learned that you can not keep punishing yourself for past mistakes as everyone makes them. How to believe in your own gut feelings and to know that no one deserves to be shouted at or made to feel ” not good enough”. I am so delighted in the new me that I wish I had gone for help years ago. For anyone who feels that life is holding them back through self blame or bitterness. If you are finding it hard to cope with life , do get in touch with someone. For me it was The Health Space there will be some one there to help you.Life is too short to go on suffering. Thank you very much Kevin and The Health Space.

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John County Clare

As a man you’re sometimes not supposed to feel or think about weight loss, but from a health point of view I had to do something. I had falling into the habit of eating on the move, getting something in every shop I went into, going to the deli counter and getting fast food on the go. I mean during Covid one of the only places seeing traffic queues was into fast food drive trues and I got caught up in all of that. So my health scare forced me to take a look at how I was living. It was recommended to me to call The Health Space that they were doing a weight loss program. It turned out to be much more than just that. It wasn’t a quick fix false promise diet it was a new way of living and fooding. It was such a pity I waited till I had the health scare but so glad I am well on the way to turning things around. Thanks Kev for all the help and advice, I highly recommend

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