Weight Loss coaching

Weight Loss coaching .

This process is not just about Weight Loss, its also about Weight issues in general, from overeating to under eating and our relationship with food and self. Its not about what you lose but what you gain. It works on the mind-body-emotions so you will lighten up on every level of being. This fantastic process is an optimal easy to follow,  structured way to reach and maintain your natural healthy weight. You do not need to count calories or restrict foods. Instead, you gradually learn to heed your body’s messages, you gain choice over what you decide to eat and you learn to respect and nourish your body.  There are no mistakes only learning opportunities.

Evidenced Based

Advancements in Neuroscience have given us a much better understanding of how the mind and the gut brain affect our relationship with food. I offer an evidenced based therapeutic approach to Weight Loss based on research which will give lasting results.
-Free yourself from endless diets. -Recycle the weighing scales. -Eat without guilt or control. -Eat for pleasure and Nourishment. -Maintain your ideal healthy weight.


Kevin Clohessy .

Kevin Clohessy HDip, LBCAI, is a Life & Wellbeing Coaching Practitioner, a Qualified Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Trained Weight loss Coach with over 8 years training and Continued professional development and experience in his chosen field.

Gaining control over Weight issues has been a long running battle for many people in our society. It doesn’t have to be a battle! And you are not alone any longer, together we can work our way through to find the ideal weight for you which you can sustain.

This process has proven to be very beneficial for people with Weight and Dietary issues. Its also for those suffering from fatigue and health issues and for people suffering from everyday stress related to weight issues.

Please feel free to call for a no obligation consultation to see if this process is what you’ve been looking for.

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Live A Happier Life, Get Started Today​ .

If you are a young person, unemployed or have limited means then feel free to call and discuss low cost offers.